Library Reference

This section contains the function reference to the Kronos core library and various optional components.


Version 0.11.2


  1. Algorithm

    Higher order functions for applying transformations over data structures.

  2. Approx

    Numerical tricks to compute approximations of mathematical functions quickly.

  3. Complex

    Defines complex-number type and arithmetic.

  4. Filter

    Audio filters to shape the frequency response

  5. Function

    Utilities to compose functions and adjust their behavior

  6. Gen

    Elementary signal generator system

  7. Math

    Mathematical functions, for hyperbolic transcendentals and polynomials.

Global namespace

Audio-Cycle(init func)

Route the output of 'func' back to its argument through a unit delay. The feedback is upsampled to audio rate. The unit delay is initialized to 'init'

Fri Jan 17, 2020