Maybe you are not that keen on building that oscillator from scratch? We've got you covered with some examples that just make good use of stuff other people already made.

Sequencer Gadgets

While Kronos is usually geared towards building instruments and effects, nothing stops us from using its generative powers for musical phrases as well. The most straightforward way to do so invokes they way early step sequencers used to work: we simply need a circuit that will cycle through a set of values at a specified tempo.

Sat Jan 2, 2021

Electric Piano

Frequency modulation synthesis is the technique responsible for the classic electric piano tones of the DX7. The basic idea is to use one oscillator to very rapidly modulate the frequency of another oscillator. Kind of like vibrato, but very, very fast. When the frequency of the "vibrato" is in the audible range, additional harmonics are produced, depending on the frequency ratio between the sounding oscillator (carrier) and the modulator.

Thu Jun 18, 2020

Wind Chimes

In this article, we are going to create a nice soothing wind chime out of resonator filters. The algorithm is based on Perry Cook's seminal PHISEM paper. The cleverness of the algorithm is the fact that we get polyphonic overlap for free, due to generating strike envelopes and body resonances with linear systems, that is, filters.

Tue Jun 9, 2020